Meet the Horses

Good lesson horses are the key to any successful riding program. Ours have been carefully selected for their manners and suitability. The facility stables between fifteen and twenty lesson horses. Some are used for beginners and others are used by more experienced riders for showing and jumping.

Grey Goose aka "Goose"

Goose came to us recently as a top show horse. He loves his new life, which always includes lots of cuddle time. Goose always enjoys his grooming time on the cross ties, helping our students practice their grooming skills. Although he is one of our larger horses, his patience and kind demeanor makes him a fast favorite with even our smallest students.



Haidi's Black Magic aka "Magic"

Magic is our All Star therapeutic horse. His perfect "medium" size and patient demeanor make him an ideal teacher for all our students. His favorite part of the lesson is receiving treats from his riders, always making sure to lick every piece from their hands.

Cenzington aka "Kenny"

Kenny came to us from top tier Jumper competition several years ago. This handsome 16.2 hand bay warmblood loves snuggling with his students and especially enjoys his time working with them in the barn.



Zenith aka "Zeus"

Zeus is a big chestnut with some big personality. He has a bouncy trot that can help any kid find their posting rhythm. His bug eyes and the tendency to stick his tongue out brings joy to everyone he meets!

Churchill aka "Winston"

Winston is a newer addition to our team, and has already made a significant impact on our program. His sweetness and cuddly demeanor has quickly made him a favorite among our riders, volunteers and staff.



Point Taken aka "Felix"

Felix is a top Child/Adult/Junior Hunter, and spends a lot of his time travelling to shows all over the country. At home, he loves working with our special needs children, whether it's in a lesson or in the barn.

Serato aka "Bob"

Bob is a top equitation horse. He has helped many of our students get to the next level in their riding. He is a tall guy so he is perfect for our growing therapeutic riders to feel stable on.



Pinot Noir aka "Finney"

Finney was a top jumper before she joined our team, and quickly became a leader soon after joining us. Patient and protective, she never stops taking care of her rider. This beautiful 16.2 dark bay mare loves her job, and it shows everyday.


Peron came to the BTRC this past summer. He has a comfortable gate that any rider could fall in love with. He is one of our smaller guys and so he is perfect for some of our smaller riders!




Manolo came to us almost 2 years ago and we fell in love with him quickly. He has a nice round barrel so his riders always feel secure and a nice slow pace so even a nervous rider can get comfortable. Manolo is gentle taking treats even from the smallest pair of hands and is always willing to lower his head for a kiss.


Crisp is one of our new guys and he is quickly climbing the ranks to being one of the favorites in the barn. He loves kisses and attention. He is a young horse who tries his best with every rider to do exactly what is asked of him.



Picasso aka "Pablo"

Pablo is our super pony. This older gentleman does it all for us. He is sweet, quiet and as close to perfect as you can get! Many of our young riders have moved up thanks to his patience and teaching. Even those that grow too tall for him still stop by his stall to give him a pat and usually some kind of treat. We are so lucky to have Pablo in our program.


Lolito is a little dark bay with a whole lot of personality. He makes it clear to his rider what he is thinking and this helps them to connect with him on different levels. Lolito is a very handsome guy and he happily carries around all levels of riders; from your first lesson to learning to jump he is your man!



Rose Hill aka "Rosie"

Rosie is our big dappled grey mare. She has a caring mother's personality and takes good care of all her riders big and small. She is extremely trustworthy in all tasks and will do anything for a snack!

Rio's Reflection aka "Rio"

Rio is the tallest in the barn right now. This big bay has done it all in the show ring. Our taller riders love Rio as he gives them the feel of the perfect fit. He is big, sweet, and loves to be brushed!


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