Meet the Horses

Good lesson horses are the key to any successful riding program. Ours have been carefully selected for their manners and suitability. The facility stables between fifteen and twenty lesson horses. Some are used for beginners and others are used by more experienced riders for showing and jumping.


Charlotte is a big but gentle mare who loves to greet students as they enter the barn. She is very gentle when  handled and loves when her students run a soft brush on her face. She is very responsive under saddle and makes her rider feel very stable. We are very happy Charlotte has become a part of our therapeutic program.  

charlotte-Charlotte Des Bruyeres.jpg



Zenith aka "Zeus"

Zeus is a big chestnut with some big personality. He has a bouncy trot that can help any kid find their posting rhythm. His bug eyes and the tendency to stick his tongue out brings joy to everyone he meets!

Churchill aka "Winston"

Winston is a newer addition to our team, and has already made a significant impact on our program. His sweetness and cuddly demeanor has quickly made him a favorite among our riders, volunteers and staff.



Serato aka "Bob"

Bob is a top equitation horse. He has helped many of our students get to the next level in their riding. He is a tall guy so he is perfect for our growing therapeutic riders to feel stable on.


cocoa-Tea Cake.jpg

Tea Cake aka "Cocoa"

Our tiniest pony Cocoa always charms her new beginner riders, she has quite the fan club! Her small stature, patience, and responsiveness make her the perfect school pony for younger children and she enjoys snuggling up to her rider when groomed. Cocoa is very spoiled and will stick her head out of her stall into the aisle whenever students carry treats in their pockets! Everyone Cocoa meets falls in love with her. 


Peron has quite a personality and thinks he is a spoiled pony. His favorite time of day is breakfast and he will let you know he's hungry with a loud neigh early in the morning! He has a comfortable gait any rider could fall in love with. He is one of our smaller guys, so he is perfect for some of our smaller riders!


Lucky-Lucky Charm.jpg

Lucky Charm aka "Lucky"

Our medium chestnut pony Lucky is sure to win any new rider's heart. As one of our older show ponies, he has seen it all and is a great pony for riders of any experience level. Lucky is very sweet and patient and loves to get to know his rider while being groomed. 


Crisp is one of our new guys and he is quickly climbing the ranks to being one of the favorites in the barn. He loves kisses and attention. He is a young horse who tries his best with every rider to do exactly what is asked of him.



Isabella aka "Lady"

Lady is one of our go-to beginner horses. She is smaller in stature and very responsive, which allows new riders to feel secure and confident. She has a gentle but silly personality and always takes care of her rider. 



Skyfall aka "James"

James can best be described as a gentle giant. At nearly 17 hands, he seems imposing in his stall, but our riders quickly learn he is one of the most calm and sweet horses in the barn. He loves to greet his riders with a nuzzle and always searches for treats. This big teddy bear of a horse always aims to please!


Sponsor your Favorite BTRC Horse!

The BTRC Lesson Horses have provided many children with the amazing benefits of therapeutic riding this past year, at a time when it is more needed then ever!  They're looking forward to welcoming back our students in 2022.  Below are some ways in which you can show them your appreciation and support:

     1.) Hay for 1 month for 1 Horse $75                            

    2.) Grain for 1 month for 1 horse $125                       

     3.) Farrier service for 1 month for 1 horse $150                             

4.) Shavings for 1 month for 1 Horse $100 

5.) In-house Vet Visit for 1 month for 1 Horse $150    

6.) Grooming for 1 month for one horse $100       

7.) In-house medical care for 1 month for one horse $75      

8.) Dentist for 1 month for 1 horse $125 

Total amount for 1 month for 1 horse = $900 

Pick from one of the options listed above or you can choose the Total Package to send to the horse of your choice.  You may choose a specific horse to support below, or just designate your support to be used as needed! Payment can be made in 2 ways - either in the form of a check payable to the Buffalo Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc. or through our online donation link:

Don't forget to designate your gift for your favorite horse!