Stephen's Fun Day

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and concern for the well-being of the children and families who normally participate in this program, Stephen's Fun Day was not held in 2021.  We look forward to rescheduling this wonderful event in 2022, as soon as it is safe to do so!  In the meantime, please enjoy these great memories from our 2019 event:

Thank you very much to the BTRC staff, board members and riders who volunteered their time to help 50 children have a fantastic time! They rode, played games, groomed, made crafts and painted horse shoes.  Thank you to Carly's Club, Women and Children's Hospital- Robin and Kathleen for making this possible for so many children! But mostly thank you to the Stephen A. Communale, Jr. Family Cancer Foundation for making this day possible! Our horses were amazing to so many kids today who had never ridden a horse!

 Thank you again for such a great day!

 Thank you, Rhea Anna, for the lovely photos from Stephen's Fun Day!


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Presented by the Stephen A. Comunale Jr. Family Cancer Foundation, in partnership with Carly’s Club and Women and Children’s Hospital


The Buffalo Therapeutic Riding Center (BTRC) has announced a very special event for children affected by cancer.  In continuing to provide emotional and physical care for children affected by cancer, the Stephen A. Comunale Jr. Family Cancer Foundation will host  Stephen’s Fun Day in partnership with Carly’s Club and Guiding for Hope (Guiding for Hope is an organization of Women and Children’s Hospital).

Area children affected by and dealing with cancer have been invited to an afternoon of therapeutic horse related activities in celebration of their survivorship.  Up to 50 children and their families with the assistance of dozens of volunteers will participate in a variety of hands-on activities including learning how to groom and ride horses, arts and crafts and even painting a live horse.

The Buffalo Therapeutic Riding Center provides a Premier Accredited Therapeutic Riding Program to Western New York children with special needs to develop social, emotional, physical and educational skills. In a historic, urban facility, children of all socio-economic backgrounds and their families interact with horses, adults and peers in a safe, fun and supportive environment.

The Stephen Comunale Jr. Family Cancer Foundation is a nonprofit organization that endows an outreach program to provide comfort to cancer patients and their families by easing ancillary financial burdens. By partnering with social workers, community members, hospitals and other organizations, the Stephen Comunale Jr. Family Cancer Foundation efforts empower cancer patients while improving their quality of life. By alleviating some financial burdens, the Foundation's efforts allow families coping with a cancer diagnosis to focus on what is most important - the emotional and physical care of the family member afflicted with cancer. Stephen’s family created the Stephen Comunale Jr. Family Cancer Foundation in 2006 as a tribute to Stephen after he lost his courageous battle with stomach cancer. Stephen trained and rode at the Buffalo Therapeutic Riding Center for many years. Even after he moved back to Ohio to work in the family business, he and his family continue to support our efforts at the BTRC. Stephen’s Fun Day is grateful to the Stephen Comunale Jr. Family Cancer Foundation, the BTRC, Carly’s Club, and Guiding for Hope for establishing this celebration of survivorship.