The Buffalo Therapeutic Riding Center was built in 1922 by a group of local businessmen who formed The Riding Reality Shareholder Corporation. At that time it was called The Saddle and Bridle Club. Harvey Horton, a local architect, designed the facility. The building is unique, not only to Buffalo, but to the entire United States. The English Tudor and gothic style with its lounge in the center with a glass window viewing area surrounds the indoor ring. It is one of the largest in the country, and we have 160 stalls.

The facility is set on part of the land used by the Pan American Exhibition. The United States Army used the building for storage during World War II. After the war, The Saddle and Bridle Club became a public riding center under the direction of Mervyn Alexander. During this era, riders rode through Delaware Park on a daily basis. Some of the top riders of that time rode here.

In 1982 Riding Realty donated the land and the building to Buffalo Therapeutic Riding Center Inc., which is a not-for-profit corporation. The Saddle and Bridle Club was dissolved, and in its place The Buffalo Equestrian Center (BEC) was established. That same year SBS Farms, Inc. began leasing from the BTRC.

The therapeutic center runs their program for mentally and physically abused or challenged children with huge city participation. We have an enthusiastic, dedicated group of volunteers, which is the core of our program. The program runs from May to November, each Monday afternoon.

Volunteer Opportunities

We have a large group of children who are in desperate need of a program such as our therapeutic program. Anyone who is 15 years and older may volunteer. Students are able to receive credit for their school volunteer credit. It is a very rewarding program for the volunteers and the children.

Volunteers also assist us with special events and programs held from time to time throughout the year.  This is great exposure for us to be seen by many people who had no idea that we exist.

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